Hi, I'm Tiffany! 👋

I am a product designer and fourth-year student currently studying design at York University/Sheridan College (YSDN). Previously, I worked as a UX/UI design intern at The Good Kind.


I'm relentlessly curious about understanding how different experiences shape our lives, and often explore complex problems within my work. 

Since I was young, I subconsciously had an eye for visual design. It was just a few years into my undergrad when I discovered how much I love designing for users! I listened to people's stories and I became passionate about how I could craft products and experiences that could tackle the diverse challenges that we face. As digital spaces continue to evolve, my goal is to develop forward-thinking solutions that will create meaningful interactive experiences. 

Want to chat? Feel free to reach out!

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≈ You could call me a

Lifelong learner

Strategic risk-taker

Cultural enthusiast

≈ I'm currently working on

Designing a reading app  

Branding the '21 grad show

Conducting a thesis study 

≈ Outside of design I love

Exploring food places

Watching Marvel movies

Listening to music

Recently I challenged 

Coproducing a short film

Learning 2D animation

Studying the Korean language