Hi, I'm Tiffany! 👋

I am a product designer who is relentlessly curious about understanding how different experiences shape the way we live, think and feel.


I see complex problems as opportunities for me to design with impact, capturing insights to craft ideas that could tackle the diverse challenges we face. Thriving in a range of problem spaces, I continuously explore the intersections between design, user, business and technology. Driven by a human-centered approach, my goal is to develop forward-thinking solutions that will create meaningful interactive experiences.    

Feel free to reach out and say hello!

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I'm currently working on

Designing the '21 grad experience

Creating an awareness campaign 

Building my next portfolio  

Outside of work I enjoy

Watching movies

Tuning into design talks

Listening to music

Recently I challenged 

Coproducing a short film

Learning 2D animation

Studying the Korean language

Communities I love include


Design Buddies

DesignX Community