Hi, I'm Tiffany! 👋

I am a product designer and fourth-year student studying design at York University/Sheridan College (YSDN). Previously, I worked as a UX/UI design intern at The Good Kind. Currently seeking Summer 2021 internships and new grad opportunities!

I'm relentlessly curious about understanding how different experiences shape the way we live, think and feel. I see complex problems as opportunities for me to design with impact, capturing insights to craft ideas that could tackle the diverse challenges we face. 

Thriving in a range of problem spaces, I am continuously exploring the intersections between design, user, business and technology.


Driven by a human-centered approach, my goal is to develop forward-thinking solutions that will create meaningful interactive experiences.    

Feel free to reach out and say hello!

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You could call me a  

Strategic risk-taker

Lifelong learner

Pasta enthusiast

I'm currently working on

Designing a social campaign 

Branding the '21 grad show

Building my next portfolio  

Outside of work I love

Watching movies

Tuning into design talks

Listening to music

Recently I challenged 

Coproducing a short film

Learning 2D animation

Studying the Korean language